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May. 24th, 2006 | 11:55 am

I've been using blogger(www.sophiawrites.blogspot.com if you wanna catch up on the past few months) for awhile. it sucks. i miss LJ. I may be making a comeback to this place...maybe a different name...i dunno


Hey! Let's not publish pictures of women in magazines or newspapers! They lead men astray!

This is absurd! You know, why don't we just make a separate country exclusively for women to live in so as not to distract men?! There is definitely a problem when man can be lead astray by something as simple as a woman showing her face. An even bigger problem when people think that so strong of a measure as this should be taken. It's like that whole dress code thing in high school. WE were instructed not to wear certain things, because "it distracts the young men".


I think this is appropriate
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p.s. i want that shirt.

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Feb. 17th, 2006 | 04:30 am

Image hosting by Photobucket

The Vagina Monologues at the University of North Texas are
This Friday and Saturday, February 17th and 18th
General admission is $12 and Students are $8 --You better get your tickets early becuase we are going to sell out this year.

Q: What the heck are the Vagina Monologues and why would I want to see it?

Let me tell you...

The Vagina Monologues is an award winning play by Eve Ensler that has not only put vaginas on the map, but became a theatrical phenomenon. The play is comprised of a collection of women telling real stories about sex, love, violence, and ofcourse vaginas. The stories were a compilation of Ensler's interviews with over 200 women of different ages, races, and backgrounds, and they are sometimes moving, sometimes uncomfortable, and sometimes unbelieveably freaking hilarious.. but they are always unique.

Q: So why do people put on this production and why do I care?

We are committed to stopping violence and we know you are too, right? UNT"s production of the Vagina Monologues is part of the V-day, global movement to fight violence against women and children. In performing this play, our goal is to raise both awareness and money to fight violence. Last year alone, we raised and donated almost 10, 000 to the Parkland Rape Crisis Center, which was enough to build an entire play therapy room.

NOW that you know WHY IT IS IMPORTANT you can get your tickets at the UNT's Union Info desk, 3rd floor or call your " will call " ticket order in 940.565.3805. They are open until 10 p.m.

Other 411:

Friday night only: sign interpreters will be provided

Facility is wheelchair accessible.

We have tons of fun events building up to the show dates. You can check those out at www.fmlaunt.org/vm/vday.html

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Feb. 14th, 2006 | 09:09 am

happy valentines day

i've moved

to here-----------> www.sophiawrites.blogspot.com

I write there way more regularly than here. so if you'd like to know whats going on with me and we dont talk on a regular basis. then go there. i'll still post here from time to time and i'll definitely read your posts all the freaking time. because i heart you


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bacon bits bong

Feb. 9th, 2006 | 03:25 pm

hahaha I found this amusing. It was in our paper today

"a hall director reported a cache of illegal drugs at 12:44 a.m.. Police seized 1 gram of marijuana in a medicine bottle, 9.5 grams in a small baggy, 11.5 grams in an altiods can, and one bong made out of a bacon bits container"

a bacon bits container?! bahahhahahaaha. desperate times, im guessing

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funny vagina

Feb. 1st, 2006 | 11:18 am

So yesterday, KTO, Kamyon, Ashley and I had to do guerilla cheering in classrooms to promote the Vagina Monologues. I led the Vagina spell cheer. It's the one that goes "give me a v" and everyone responds "you got yo V, you got your V". Then I say "give me an A" and everyone responds again. Well, last night in a not so small classroom setting I forgot the N! I forgot to say the N! So I spelled Vagia. LOL. I didnt even realize it until i walked back into the classroom(I left my bags in the front of the class)and the professor said to the class, "here comes a couple of vaginas that dont know how to spell"


also tonight mavericks v grizzlies. the mavs are going to win.

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beer before liquor...you know how it goes

Jan. 31st, 2006 | 12:25 pm

first off what a shitty day. Alito was confirmed. (puke!) and Coretta Scott King died.

Dear Yahoo!:
Is the saying "Beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer, never fear" physiologically accurate?
Santa Barbara, California
Dear Allyson:
No. Portland's Willamette Week interviewed a nutrition expert and a pharmacologist; both nixed the theory. They astutely note that mixing different types of alcohol is generally a bad idea.

The reasoning behind the proverb is that it's easier on your body to absorb weaker alcoholic drinks, like beer, later in the evening. This probably holds some merit. It's also true that your body tends to process alcohol from carbonated drinks faster. But any piece of advice regarding alcohol consumption that contains the line "never fear" is obviously pretty suspect.

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pinkeye and singleness

Jan. 31st, 2006 | 12:17 pm

I keep finding out these little things about a certain situation and it really makes me angry/sad/worthless.

anyway, on to the entry!

good thing no one was lying next to me when I woke up this morning. Because my eye was disgusting. It was glued shut with nastiness and all swollen. I'm sure had some guy been there he would've looked at me once and taken off. I think it might be pink eye. it's kind of pink and its all runny. Jesi doesnt think it's pink eye and since shes medically trained and all im gonna trust her. hehe...i'm still using it as an excuse to get out of working at the daycare tomorrow. :D

This weekend and the end of last week has had its ups and downs...well not even ups...maybe AN up. Definitely emotional times. The NTdaily ad office(where I work) had a huge meeting with the head of the journalism department this past week to discuss changes in our pay. Which meant a fucking paycut. So everyone in the office is pissed. Everyone(except me) went to my bosses house and got wasted. One guy quit or is in the process of quitting. It's just a mess. and I dont want to deal with it anymore, but i have to. Because I have to eat, pay rent, and school...and still manage to have money to go out of course. also, I'm having finanical problems! It's stressing me out. My mom may have to have surgery for some cysts and last but not least, Jeremy and I broke up. It was mutual and due to the distance. oh well. Now all you millions of sophia fans out there can rejoice....for now i am single. :P

I'm in a really odd mood right now. cant describe it.

anyway, hopefully this week will be much better. so far so good! Last night Christina and I went to Andy's to hang out with some friends and play pool. I suck at pool, but I somehow managed to win the game! After that we went to karaoke night for about 20 minutes. It was amusing. I love how people think they are a number one hit artist and sing/dance there ass off like they are the shit...when they just look like shit. it was good times. and now pictures from the weekend

our beer and our legs
Image hosting by Photobucket

more behind the cut
Read more...Collapse )

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not negotiable

Jan. 22nd, 2006 | 11:01 pm

This is a really important issue to me so please read and please check out the links.

On January 22nd, the 33rd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we are asking pro-choice bloggers to join us in a day of activism for choice. This is our chance to raise the profile of reproductive rights issues in the blogosphere and the media, and to let everyone know that a woman's right to choose is not negotiable.

I read other blogs on this issue and I felt like I had to write something. So even though it isn't long and eloquent it expresses how I feel about the issue and that is "your body, your choice". The first time I heard that phrase I loved it. So simple, but it sums up my view on the issue. Choice is a basic right that women deserve. I can't imagine what life without roe would be like and I dont ever want to know! Thank You Dr. Sarah Weddington for fighting for us! When I heard her speak last fall, she told us that the war isnt over. And it's not. Especially now with Roberts in and I guess we'll know in a few days if Alito is confirmed or not. We have to keep fighting. I've posted links for you to read other blogs that I especially liked and links on how to join the fight!


Links to other blog for choice blogs that I enjoyed


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(no subject)

Jan. 13th, 2006 | 03:41 pm


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farty mc farterson

Dec. 29th, 2005 | 01:35 am
music: nothing!

so...another update from me! I had a very very merry christmas. On christmas my mom, sister(_darkangel84), and honarary sister Christine(nergizerbunnie), went to Itta Bena, Mississippi to spend christmas with my grandma, greatgrandma and alot of other relatives. We got there around 6 and went to a family get-together/party thing. Let me explain, this is the ghetto side of my family, not the african relatives. anywho, the party was just a big stereo in this little place that someone rented, and some finger food. It was a very entertaining night. My mom and all her sisters danced the majority of the time. my male cousins all fell in love with Christine and hit on her most of the night. good times

i had a second christmas with jeremy's families. It was totally differnt than my ghetto Christmas, but just as enjoyable, and with more presents! I got alot of nice things this christmas. a million fleece blankets. 2 hello kitty ones which were exactly alike and blue one embroidered and some others. I also got chococat accessories, some home-made soap, an awesome jewelry box and some skrilla. oooooh and wine! and some other stuff that i cant remember...

i wish i had a camera so i can take a picture of what i see now, but i dont so im just going to explain it because its so freaking cute...at least to me. jeremy fell asleep in the bed and one of the cats is curled up right next to him. its cute!

hahahha, im on aim complaining to jimothy about how a certain someone farted on me today and then....ill just copy and paste!

jim (1:23:55 AM): farting on girls is the best thing ever
ohpapaya (1:25:55 AM): hmm..ill have to try one day
jim (1:27:14 AM): hahaha if you farted on me i would have no idea what to do
ohpapaya (1:28:01 AM): hit me?
ohpapaya (1:28:08 AM): laugh? or just say ewww
ohpapaya (1:28:15 AM): maybe you'd die
jim (1:28:28 AM): i think i would die
ohpapaya (1:28:59 AM): bahahhaha. but it would smell like flowers...and also little hearts would come out as well as little hello kitties
jim (1:30:01 AM): http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=women_smell


go to that link! its hilarious...and its so funny to me because i said almost exactly whats on that web page.

k....warcraft. bye

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